Pirate IPTV Service Gave Customer Details to Premier League, But What’s the Risk?

The Premier League has confirmed reaching a sizeable settlement with pirate IPTV provider Ace Hosting. While £100,000 was listed in liquidation documents, operators of Ace agreed to pay £600K in total. The Premier League says that Ace voluntarily handed over subscriber details, so does that mean those customers are at risk? It's hard to say with absolute certainty but probably not, multiple sources suggest.

In a report last weekend, we documented what appear to be the final days of pirate IPTV provider Ace Hosting.

From information provided by several sources including official liquidation documents, it became clear that a previously successful and profitable Ace had succumbed to pressure from the Premier League, which accused the service of copyright infringement.

The company had considerable funds in the bank – £255,472.00 to be exact – but it also had debts of £717,278.84, including £260,000 owed to HMRC and £100,000 to the Premier League as part of a settlement agreement.

Information received by TF late Sunday suggested that £100K was the tip of the iceberg as far as the Premier League was concerned and in a statement yesterday, the football outfit confirmed that was the case.

“A renowned pirate of Premier League content to consumers has been forced to liquidate after agreeing to pay £600,000 for breaching the League’s copyright,” the Premier League announced.

“Ace IPTV, run by Craig Driscoll and Ian Isaac, was selling subscriptions to illegal Premier League streams directly to consumers which allowed viewing on a range of devices, including notorious Kodi-type boxes, as well as to smaller resellers in the UK and abroad.”

15.05.2018 at TorrentFreak